Lieutenant Commander Cherc Tissoss

Lieutenant Commander Cherc Tissoss

Name Cherc bim Tissoss

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 162cm
Weight 95kg
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color black
Physical Description A little round, even for a tellarite, with a neatly trimmed beard and mane. His snout is kept clean and his deep-set eyes hide a glimmer of amusement when he insults people.


Father Pror bim Tissoss
Mother Warki glov Marsh
Sister(s) Daffov glasch Pronch
Parra lorin Gattonch
Vendi Roffag

Personality & Traits

General Overview As with many tellarites, everything will be made into an arguement with Cherc. He's a skilled engineer and a thoughtful friend, but don't expect him to speak politely.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Engineering Wizard

+/- Talkative

Ambitions With all that's going on in the world, he's just excited to work with the technology from multiple sources and get them to function together. Everything else is up in the air.
Hobbies & Interests When he isn't working on ships or the station, which isn't often, he's usually arguing or flirting with other tellarites on the station. He's tried arguing with humans, they're not good at it, and he's tried flirting with humans, but they're oblivious or uninterested, but it is what it is. He also likes to try human food (even if it is weird and cooked).

Personal History Cherc was born in space. As traders, his parents often took long journeys between colonies. He became interested in technology after a ship malfunction in his childhood. His sisters all went on to become traders.
He became first an engineer aboard a merchant vessel, and then he was given the advice to join the core of engineers.
Service Record In the core, he became cheif engineer quickly after being asked for by name by a tellarite delegate for his diplomatic vessel. When the federation was formed, he jumped at the chance to work on a station where he could explore the varied tech of the founding races.