Engineer Onboard

Posted on 10 May 2021 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant Krit'tok & Commander Vrossan zh'Qiaqir

Mission: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Jan 20th, 2163, 1000

Commander Vross wouldn't lie to herself and say she was looking forward to working with a Tellarite. After the years of being just another 'blue devil' to some of them she might even say she was tired of their hog-nosed antagonism. Her parents had always taught her to put on her bravest face to tellarite ambassadors, though, so she put on a stoic face for the tellarite engineer, who should be coming out of this airlock any second. At least she had access to his personnel file. 

Krit'tok walked through the hatch and stopped to look at Androian woman waiting at the hatch.  He gave a hearty humph as he looked up at her.  "Oh great, I get to look up at a set of Blue Devil tits."  He said in a gruff manner.  "I guess you are Commander Vross zh'Qiaqir?"  He said in Andorian.

"That I am. You're Lieutenant Krit'tok, of course, and I'm to show you around, and to the engine room." She spoke in standard, perfect tellarite, "You wouldn't have to look up to my chest if you were a few inches taller, or worth lifting." As she squinted at his tusks and snout, she mentally recited where her concealed blades were in the event she needed them. "If you'll follow me?"

"Damn woman."  Krit'tok said with a shake of his head.  "Your accent sucks."  He said in Earth Standard.  "I sure we can take a few inches off the top."  He stated.  Then he grinned.  "Or the bottom."  He humphed at his own statement.  "I never though I would see the day that an Andorian would  butcher my language, or even serve under one."

She switched into Earth Standard, following suit, "Andorians have been speaking tellarite since our races met, and I assure you if you attempt to cut me down to size you'll never speak it yourself again. Now, this deck is mostly crew quarters, recreative space, and entertaining space." She gestured casually, knowing he didn't really care. "Vulcans designed the ship. It's all very logical and intuitive." 

Krit'tok gave out a snort as he laughted.  "Yea Vulcans are like that.  Also that is something else I would have never pictured.  Working on Vulcan technology that they use to lord over us for nealy two centuries."  He said walking with the woman.  "Now the entertaining space was most likely a meditation chamber before the refit."  He added.

She gestured to the room as they passed it, but didn't offer to go inside, "It's an observation lounge now, whatever it used to be." Then, she inspected him again. His file said he would be a good fit for any warp-capable ship but that didn't exclude personal preferences, "Will working on Vulcan tech be an issue for you?" 

Krit'tok gave out another gruff snort laugh.  "Commander, I spent the past year teaching Humans, the proper way to build Starships."  He stated in his gruff nature.  "Now as working on  Vulcan Tech, this is going to be an experience.  I want to see if their technology is any better then Tellarite technology.  If it isn't then the Vulcans are really good at a Hark'til face."  He stated.  Then he humphed again.  "I would like to see my daughter serving on a vessel that takes all of our peoples technological advancements and place them onto a fleet of like minded vessels."

"Glad to hear we have the same goal. I have no children of my own, but I would be proud to know that the ships of the next era will be cooperative and integrated. Not only would it mean a stronger federation and a lasting peace, it would mean that we prove here our people's ability and conviction to work together." Vross called the turbolift when they reached it, "Would you prefer to see engineering or your quarters first? They're in opposite directions." 

"Engineering."  Krit'tok stated.  "I will have the rest of the day to look around my quarters."  He stated with another humph.

"Deck Nine." Vross took the opportunity in the turbolift to inspect him again. "I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't offer to handle any crew issues you can't handle yourself. With the crew we're collecting, you're going to have andorians, humans, and vulcans working under you and I can't say many will know what to make of you. I'd also like to warn you not to call any more andorians 'blue devils'. I don't know how humans and vulcans will respond to your argumentative nature, but unless you intended to flirt with your andorian superior officer you are going to have to adapt a little." 

He gave out another snort of a laugh.  "Commander, they will need to adopt to me.  I love a good argument, and I want my crew to express their ideas."  He stated.  "Now if you want me to flirt with you?  I open to the experience."  Krit'tok humphed.

"I'm all for a good arguement and expressing yourself. I'm telling you 'blue devil' is a racial slur, and not to be said at all. Now, if you want to flirt you'll have to do it when I'm off duty- which is rare enough as it is." She held the door open once it did, "We're all going to have to adapt to each other, and I'm not telling you to pretend to be anything other than what you are. I'm telling you you're going to have to learn to work with people who may not argue with you when you need them to and people who may even learn to fear you because your words are so harsh." 

Krit'tok humphed again.  "You asking me not to be argumental, but could you stop being blue?"  He asked/stated.  "Arguments are apart of the Tellarite people, just as you have antenne and blue skin."

"Did you even listen to me? I asked you not to say a racial slur and not to threaten andorians, as that can easily be taken as flirtation, especially by female andorians. I'm warning you not to expect everyone to argue back, nor to expect that everyone will understand that you aren't actually being hostile, especially not at first. I'm not telling you to be anything other than what you are, clean your ears out, I'm asking you to change some of your language, not whether or not you are argumentative." Her antennae pinned back, but she kept her face neutral, "If you can't take a step away from open hostility with other races, you will not be helping our ultimate goal of friendship and I will have to replace you. I understand and respect that your people have a tradition of argumentation. Do not forget that my people have a tradition of honor combat. If you give me reason to believe you are mistreating your subordinates in any way I will kill you." 

He started to snort as he laughed.  "Commander, I like you."  Krit'tok stated with a hearty humph.  "I understand the slur and I will endeaver not use it."  He humphed.  "Besides I don't mistreat my crew and I like working with the other Federation species."  He said.  "This will allow us to generated new ideas and come up with new ingenius ideas on how to get out of situations."  He stated.  "As for Honorable Combat, I'm a fair hand at bladed and direct engery weapon combat."  He humphed again.  "And, not everyone is going to like everyone.  I will handle any and all situations within my department.  If yourself is needed to help solve the issue, then things have gotten that bad."  He humphed. 

"Call me before things get quite so bad, and I'm sure we will get along just fine." She stopped at the primary engineering console and leaned on it, "And you're welcome to test your blade skills against mine in practice. I always love learning about other species' martial skills." She smiled warmly, "Do you have any questions about this post you'd like to ask before I set you loose in our engine room?"

He rested his hands upon his wrist and hooked his thumbs.  "I may take you up on that offer soon enough."  Krit'tok stated with a humph.  "Have you meet any of the Engineers?"

"Not yet, no." Vross scanned the information on the console, "There have been a few aboard, but most will be arriving in the next few months. Some here aren't assigned for our mission, they were involved in the refit and will be leaving before we embark. We'll need you to get accustomed to the systems and the refit before we leave, and it might do to ask any of them to brief you." 

Krit'tok humphed.  "I intend to get my arms into this lady."  He stated.  "Helping do a refit is a great way to get familar with her systems."

"I'll leave you to it, then. Contact me if you need anything." She stood to her full height and passed him on her way to the turbolift, "Until next time."

"He gave a humph again as he watched the Andorian First officer walk out, hie attention was on her back, but a bit lower then her back.  Then with another humph as he turned towards the first engineer he saw.