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The USS T'Pau is a Vulcan-built D'Kyr class combat cruiser in service with Starfleet. Once used for the military might of the Vulcan High Command, it is now being used for peace and exploration.

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The USS T'Pau was built in 2149, originally named the V'Las, after the at-the-time leader of the Vulcan High Command. After the High Command was deposed in 2154, the ship was renamed the T'Pau, after one of the new ministers of the government.

The T'Pau participated in the Earth-Romulan war, and was instrumental in ensuring the defeat of the Romulan Star Empire. During the Battle of Cheron, however, the inertial dampeners failed, resulting in the loss of all hands, as well as severe damage to most of the internal components.

The ship was towed to the recently constructed Starbase 11, however due to a lack of Vulcan engineers, the ship was repaired by a joint Human and Tellarite engineering crew. While the ship was fully repaired by 2160, no captain wished to command it - there was a personnel shortage, and many saw it as a "jalopy" - held together by spot-welds and faith of the heart.

In 2163, Captain Varak took command of the ship, with the goal of creating a truly mixed crew - one that embraces the differences of Federation species.

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